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Presenting with ImpACT 

Who is it aimed at?

  • Anyone who must present to different internal and external audiences
  • Anyone who has recently made the move into management and needs to improve their presentation skills
  • Anyone looking to make the jump into management
  • Anyone who has to pitch for new business
  • Anyone keen to improve their public speaking skills for outside of the workplace

How does it work?

This practical course takes participants through a fascinating journey which ends with them being able to deliver a fantastic presentation. With the help of professional actors the participants will have fun learning the vocal and breathing techniques that work on stage and screen, and improve their body language and memory so that nerves are calmed. All essential elements to fully engage with an audience and convey messages effectively.

The skills you will learn

  • The importance of preparing properly for any presentation
  • Tips for ensuring your presentation content is spot on for your target audience
  • The need to relax and breathe correctly to settle any nerves
  • Why getting your body language right it vital if your are to make a first and lasting impression when presenting
  • How to excite an audience and keep them interested using your tone of voice
  • How to deal with difficult questions during the Q&A session


Effective Presentation Skills.

"The exercises we did with the professional actor were great fun. I highly recommend it for anyone who has to undertake any kind of public speaking.” 

Jo Allen, director of operations, development & asset management, Frogmore Property Company

Hendrix director Lucy Moffat on why you should always film your interview before you deliver it.

Professional actors provide tips and tricks to giving energetic and nerve-free presentations.

The Hendrix trainers demonstrate how by using acting techniques you can deliver more engaging presentations to internal and external audiences.

You will learn to be more confident and to be aware of your voice and body language and the impression it gives to others.

You learn how to achieve your objectives from any presentation.

This is a fun and memorable training session providing tips that all learners can put into practice straightaway.

What our clients say 

Presenting with Impact open course. 

Where: London (0930-1500)

When: June 23 2017

How much: £200 plus VAT