Team building and motivation

In these difficult times every organisation needs a morale boost from time to time, and what better way than letting staff explore their creativity.

Choose from a selection of one-day performance arts-themed events overseen by professional actors. These include: Putting on a Shakespeare play in a day, staging a staff pantomime, an office talent show or even a murder mystery.

We supply the script (linked to business messages) and provide the costumes as the team laugh and cry together. The final performance is filmed and copies can be distributed. Find out more here.

Improve your team's telephone voice and listening skills at work 

How a person sounds on the phone and their tone of voice influences whether someone has a positive or a negative experience of a company and its brand. Ultimately it can make or break a relationship with an existing or potential customer who needs to feel that the person they are speaking to has empathy with them. This course is ideal for contact centre agents and sales teams. Find out more here.

Media skills and help with company messaging

It is not easy to talk to journalists and build relationships with - and knowledge of - the media. Hendrix has experienced working journalists and media trainers on its books who will help you be clearer about your messages for different audiences. You will receive advice and interview practice. Every media opportunity is a chance to change negative perceptions about your organisation and raise awareness of your products and services. Find out more here.

Presenting with Impact

There is nothing natural about standing in front of a group of strangers or your colleagues and speaking. Actors train for years to perfect engaging with an audience. Our Presenting with Impact course is ideal for individuals or groups. It will help you or your team banish their stage fright and ensure they make the most of their voice and body language. There is also help to tackle the potentially-difficult Q&A session at the end of most presentations. Find out more here.

Presentation skills

'​Corporate training with a Dramatic twist'

media skills training

At Hendrix we understand how difficult it can be to deliver presentations and engage employees, customers or suppliers face to face or on the phone. It is also tough to influence target audiences through print, online and broadcast media.

Innovative training to boost confidence, including Presentation Skills coaching

Frogmore Property directors put on Peter Pan for their staff with plenty of laughs and 'in' jokes. 

Actors for corporate role play to support in-house training:

Without defining it as such, many of us use role play as a basic tool of life. Whenever we project into the future in a kind of 'what if' scenario we are in fact in a role play of some sort.  The use of Hendrix’s experienced actors enables situations and scenarios to be realistically presented to groups of people. It highlights and demonstrates some of the problems in the workplace – often triggering “Eureka” moments in employees, as the crux of the matter is played out before their very eyes. Find out more here.