Who is it aimed at?

  • Anyone who uses the telephone at work for generating sales, delivering customer service or providing information
  • Contact centre agents as part of their induction process or CDP
  • Receptionists
  • Telesales teams

How does it work?

The actor works through vocal and breathing techniques and provides advice on how anyone who uses the phone at work can improve their active listening skills to get the outcomes they need. Even if someone has to use a script there are ways to sound more natural, empathetic and receptive on the phone.​ Each four-hour workshop can accommodate up to 20 people, providing amazing value for money.

The skills you will learn

  • How and when to adapt your tone of voice to address the needs of an individual enquiry. During a natural conversation our tone of voice will vary and this should happen during a phone call too.
  • How vocal warm-ups and breathing correctly can help you to sound more relaxed on the phone.
  • How to improve articulation and not mumble
  • How by thinking more about the words you are being asked to say and why you are being asked to say them, your tone will change and a call will be more effective
  • The importance of body language. Even if a caller cannot see an employee they can hear a smile. Someone sitting hunched up at their desk or slumped in their chair will find their breathing is restricted. This affects their voice and they can sound bored and disinterested. 
contact centre voice training

“We need to get our personality across on the telephone. What we say and more importantly how we say it determines what people think of us; good communication is vital for a successful relationship.

The workshop facilitated by Hendrix helped to define what tone of voice is and the interactive format of the workshop brought a new dimension to the learning experience.”

Cancer Research UK business support manager

Hendrix Training improve contact centre telephone skills.

What our clients say

To find out more please contact directors Lucy Moffat or Steve Hemsley training@hendrixthedog.org  

Hendrix runs Tone of Voice training sessions for call centre agents, telesales teams, customer service professionals and receptionists.

Our actors show learners how they can use their voice and active listening skills more effectively to boost customer service and sales levels.

How a person sounds and their tone of voice influences whether someone has a positive or a negative experience with a company and its brand.

Ultimately it can make or break a relationship with an existing or potential customer who needs to feel that the person they are speaking to has empathy with them.

Hendrix Training  - improve contact centre telephone skills