Role playing in a training situation has been around as a learning tool for a long time.

Without defining it as such, many of us use role play as a basic tool of life. Whenever we project into the future in a kind of 'what if' scenario we are in fact in a role play of some sort.

We are projecting ourselves into an imaginary situation where, though we cannot control the outcome, we can anticipate some or all of the conditions and 'rehearse' our performance in order to influence the outcome. Much of the time we are better for it.

The use of Hendrix’s experienced actors in your own in-house training enables situations and scenarios to be realistically presented to groups of people in a work scenario.

It highlights and demonstrates some of the problems in the workplace – often triggering “Eureka” moments in delegates, as the crux of the matter is played out before their very eyes.

Actors for corporate role play and in-house training

Who is it aimed at?

Any learning and development, HR or training professional who wants employees to make sense of the theory and concepts learned should use actors in role play. It allows people to put it into practise the learning experience in a safe environment.

Role play using professional actors should be an essential part of any blended approach to learning.  It is an interactive and engaging experience which drives the necessary learning and required behaviour change.

Corporate role play is ideal for:

  • Training in Sales,
  • Telephone Skills, Employment Law,  Challenging Situations
  • Customer Service
  • Diversity training
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Creative and Effective meetings
  • Leadership Skills
  • Coaching and managing and developing others
  • Other training providers looking to use actors in their sessions

In the medical profession it is often used to help professionals deliver bad news and difficult messages (For example, the development of the ‘bedside manner’).

“Working with Hendrix the Dog has been an inspiration.  We have been using actors to bring life to role play in our Customer Engagement training along with our Sales Training. 

Hendrix always provides actors that are perfectly matched to the session, even at very short notice. I cannot recommend Hendrix the Dog enough, professional, personal and reliable.  The feedback from my candidates is always positive. 

The role play element in our sessions has turned into the most enjoyable part of the session. We no longer have people dreading taking part; we now have people asking to take part.”

Julie Mills – managing director Train to

The use of professional actors allows situations to be played out in front of the delegates, giving the training an added reality.

This adds to the credibility of the training and aids learning – all in a risk-free environment. 

The benefits it brings 

What our clients say

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